Great Mind thinks alike. The same applied to a good taste.

Did you find yourself bombed by the mass production media served all around? Does it happens to ask yourself "oh what i am listening" on your car stereo? No matter where we live in the world, it become hard to escape from music served as a product. This is why we started - a place serving music - not the products. A music of all genres, all ages, carefully mixed so you can barely notice the transition from a classical masterpiece, using a fusion rock, toward electro house. We pick the best from every possible genre, but the way to fit into a good taste.

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Our History

2015 - Scheduled to launch in April.

“We worked hard whole year to get everything ready for the big launch of your next (we hope) favourite radio station. As we are finalising our work, getting ready to start up big for you to enjoy.”

2017 - Jully.

“We appointed a new board and a creative Director.” Stefan Ćertić named for CEO.

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